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Welcome to my page. I am here because I just can not get enough real food talk in my life. I have to let everyone know that you can feel good too. You are what you eat simple, be real!!! I am still working on figuring out where my shift in reality came from. I was once a negative girl who thought if you never have BIG dreams you will never feel disappointment. Wow let me tell you that is such a false statement. When you tell yourself things like that they become your reality. Be kind to yourself always. Somewhere in my recovery my mind opened up. I am clear now. I know what I want and I am going after it. Please follow us as we search for our homestead, eat lot’s of real food and become a homeschool Family!
Here is my Story.
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I got Lyme Disease 10 years ago in the Cascade Mountains at Cultus Lake. It got bad quick. I was Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 6 months later. The day before my oldest daughter turned 6. I will never forget that day 9 years ago. Having both Lyme and MS became very hard to treat. Doctors in Oregon would not treat the Lyme Disease and I had to travel out of state as far as Connecticut on a couple occasions. I had so many different specialists. We tried every antibiotic even a 100 days of IVs antibiotics delivered directly to my heart via a picc line. I did 2 different MS injections one being a small dose of chemo therapy. One lovely side effect of that one is suicidal depression. I was lucky to have a great Nurse Practitioner watching me very closely. My symptoms were getting worse and I was so depressed and sick. I had to stop the shots.
I lost eyesight in 1 eye over 8 times and had lesions on my eye nerves. A total of 17 lesions in my brain and spine on last count. And 13 previous ones that healed after IV antibiotics.  I lost all feeling in my Legs and walked with a cane for a year. I rarely ever wanted to get out of bed and enjoy life. I had given up.
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The Doctors best advice was to learn to live with it happily!  Life is all about attitude, right? NO! I wanted to feel good too. I was not me anymore I was a shell of a once happy person. I had heard Doctors say a healthy diet may help with quality of life. It seemed silly to me how could food do anything if there great drugs did nothing?
I loved my SAD Diet(Standard American Diet). I dipped everything in ranch and washed it down with a coke. I thought the joy my taste buds felt also made me feel good. Boy, was I wrong. That food had left me so inflamed.
I went and saw a very alternative Practitioner who studies Iridology. She looked in my eyes and said this will be easy,  you just need good digestion and detox. We will feed your body the most nutritious food, detox the toxins out and treat the parasite’s. You body will then start to heal and your immune system will start to work right. That was 2 years ago. I really did not believe her at the time!
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I went vegetarian in the beginning. We did a big 10 day cleanse and I started to feel normal again. There was a glimmer of hope, but something was still missing. We were always hungry. I randomly saw a video on facebook about a DR with MS. My moms friend had been diagnosed recently so we hit play and watched together. Please watch Dr. Wahls here.
The first thing to pop on the screen “recorded on 11/11/11.” Me and my oldest friend love 11 11 in all forms. It is our thing. I knew this video was going to be good.  By the way our other new thing is Lyme Disease we both test CDC positive. What is the likeliness of that? Especially in Oregon where they say we do not have Lyme Disease. That is a whole other story.
Dr Wahls has PPMS that is the bad MS, Primary Progressive. I have RRMS, Relapsing Remitting. Meaning it comes and goes you will have good months and bad months. Mine always seemed to be bad and worse. But with PPMS it is just downhill no recovery. There is no treatment or cure for PPMS.
In the video Dr. Wahls talks about taking all the best MS Drugs and having the top MS Specialist. Yet she continued to get sicker. She then decided to research the disease herself.  She realized she needed to heal her mitochondria. She found the nutrients the Mitochondria needed to thrive and heal. She supplemented them with vitamins and that did not work. She then decided to find them in her food. She developed the Dr Wahls paleo diet and is no longer in a wheelchair. She is biking 18 miles and just started jogging again this year, my hero!!!
 Right now she has clinical trials treating MS with a paleo diet. A clinical trial using REAL FOOD as medicine that is unheard of. And guess what first round was successful in treating fatigue. A major problem for people with MS. She is going to change the world with real food and I am going to help!!
Shopping a couple weeks later I saw a paleo bar at the store. Made by a local Oregon company, Paleo Eats. It was so good I said I can do this I am going paleo! I asked the owner Debbie on Facebook what book I should buy, she suggested Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo BS,NC. I ordered it on Amazon. The book came as we were walking out the door to visit the in laws in Texas. I threw it in my carry on and boarded the plane.
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First words in book “Let food be thy medicine , and medicine be thy food.”-Hippocrates.
Diane writes.
“Know this:
We are not smarter than Nature.
We cannot make better food than nature.
We need to eat real, whole food-period.”
I was in love. Diane’s book spoke to me as she breaks down what the grains and the dairy were doing to my auto immune disease. Something clicked for me and I jumped right in. I instantly gave up all grains/dairy/legumes/soy/corn that day and added back in organic pastured animal products. It was very easy to find great grass fed beef in Texas!
That was August 2013, result I have been in remission from my MS and Lyme Disease since December 2013. It took less than 4 months of getting the grains, dairy and GMOs out of my diet for my auto immune disease to shut off. And I lost 85 pounds! Just a huge bonus!
I am walking up hills again! Volunteering in our local food movement because I have the energy. I am a new happy healthier version of me. I love me again! You really learn to appreciate life when it is so close to gone.
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A little on GMOs. It just so happens by following this diet and only buying organic and mostly local ingredients we cut out all GMOS from our diet. We do not even eat meat that eats GMO feed. The more I learn about genetically modified food. The more it scares me. It is not natural and I believe the bodies immune system is freaking out because of it. I think this is one big reason we are having a surge of auto immune disease in America.
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