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I was a little worried last week when I realized I had forgotten Thanksgiving! I thought I would never find a Fresh Pastured GMO Free Fed Turkey.  This month has been filled with so much change I have been a bit scattered.  I had saved all of our Recipes from last years first Paleo Thanksgiving. This will be  a breeze. Then I remembered last year I still ate Eggs . I discover my Egg Sensitivity after my Skype chat with DR. Wahls in January.  So many of the recipes have Eggs in them. Back to the drawing board with not much time. I then get a genius idea. Ella and I will write a Thanksgiving Cookbook. A perfect homeschool lesson. We spent the day searching recipes and writing a Menu. Discalimer recipes will not be original. All my favorite authors will be getting credit!  Now we will write them all out, do illustrations and copy them into a special Family Cookbook from Mom. Next year will be a Breeze!

turkey 10

We found a list of Farmer’s at Central Oregon Locavore who had Turkey’s for sale. I looked at the list and Billie’s GMO free Turkey’s stood out. I gave her a call and we made arrangements to pick up our Turkey on Saturday. It would be freshly butchered. I have never had a Fresh not Frozen Turkey. I am so excited to try this Bird!

turkey 6

As we are driving out to Windy Acre’s Dairy Farm we get a call. A Woman had gotten our number from the Farmer and was hoping to carpool to the Farm. It is a 45 minute trek. No need to waste gas. We are already on the road so I offer to just pick her up a Turkey. Windy Acre’s is a Raw Dairy Farm that offer’s Herd Share’s so you can legally purchase Raw Milk in the State of Oregon. Why Raw Milk is a healthier option by Chris Kresser “Cows fed fresh green forage, especially those grazing grass, have been shown to have higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and essential fatty acids in their milk. The pasteurization process also reduces the nutritional quality of milk products. Research has shown a decrease in manganese, copper, and iron after heat treatment. (3) The FDA acknowledges that pasteurization destroys a substantial portion of the vitamin C in milk, and sterilization is also known to significantly impair the bioactivity of vitamin B6 contained in milk. (45) Beta-lactoglobulin, a heat-sensitive protein in milk that is destroyed by pasteurization, increases intestinal absorption of vitamin A, so the supplemental vitamin A in conventional milk may be harder to absorb.”
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We never got a picture of a Live Turkey. The only ones we saw were in the cooler. I would have loved to explore the whole Farm. It was slushy out there and I needed to get back to Volunteer at our Locals Thanksgiving Food Fair. Windy Acres is currently raising turkeys, pigs, lamb and calves for the food chain of natural meat as well as chickens for meat and eggs. Seasonally they have blueberries and honey. I told Billie I recently had to give up Butter and she said “what kind of butter do you eat? My Butter? Oh you are bringing home my Butter as a Gift.” she also gifted us a gallon of Raw Milk. I love real food so much but free real food is even more awesome! I did just finish my 3 week Fall Lyme Less Live More Cleanse so tomorrow I will be bringing back the BUTTER coffee. I am praying that I will tolerate her super raw butter and the cystic acne will not come back!

rea buuter

We loved our time at the Farm. Billie showed us all around the Dairy and explained why her Milk was better! She taught us a lot and we will be signing up for her Herd share this week! We are hoping to try Raw Sheep Milk soon. I should not say we, I most likely will not be enjoying. Dairy goes right to my brain. My Gut feels great when I drink Raw Milk and then my brain barely works for a week. I am still holding out hope that one day my Gut will be so healed I will enjoy Milk again!

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We picked out the 2 biggest Turkeys both weighed in at 11 pounds.  Billie saw we had room in the Cooler for one more. She knew I was headed to Central Oregon Locavore to Volunteer and one of the Volunteers would need a Turkey. I love thoughtful people. She was right we walked in the door and someone said “wow I need a Turkey!” another win win situation. I am finally delivering real food. Something I can feel good about.

turkey 7

Ella and I spent the rest of the day selling Memberships at Locavore for there Thanksgiving Food Fair. We just committed to volunteering in the Store once a week. Ella is a great little worker. She loves volunteering as much as me. I am loving this Homeschool thing. Getting to teach her while we help feed our Community real food. My dreams are coming true! It has been 2 weeks of Homeschool and I already see Ella’s personalty shining louder. She is getting a new stronger confidence. Exactly what we were going for.
turkey 8

This is how Ella relaxes after a long days work. She is a dog person she gets it from Grandpa Schultz. They almost sound like the same person when they are talking to there Dogs. She call this “loving with Lola” her FAVORITE pastime!

Love you all, eat real food and feel good!