Hate is a strong word that is not aloud to be used in my house. I am breaking the rules because what gluten does to me is serious. 3 weeks ago I was eating in a Restaurant. I ordered their gluten free sweet potato fries. One bite I took was crispier than the other bites and it tasted a bit different. I did not think much of it until I got up to leave. My eyesight got very blurry, my knees were shaking, balance was off and over the weekend I had a few panic attacks. I knew it must have been gluten that fell into my basket of fries. A few days later I was back to normal or so I thought. One week later I woke up with numb and tingling legs.

numb legs 4-14-15

I convinced myself it was just a healing reaction from some Pau D’ Arco tea I had added to my regimen for a Parasite cleanse. I have had many healing reactions before when trying to kill Lyme or Parasites. The symptoms come and go. This is different it feels like a full blown MS flare. I have been asking anybody who understands gluten and its effects if this could really be possible. They have all said YES!


You can read about Gluten Sensitivity from gut to brain here http://drperlmutter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Celiac-disease-from-gut-to-brain.pdf
Wow, this is just crazy to me that one bite of gluten can do so much damage to my body. I am so mad and sad! I worked so hard for my 18 month remission. I am a proud Wahls Warrior. Writing this post today is very hard for me. I feel like I failed Dr. Wahl’s and all my warrior friends.  Or did I just prove that the diet really works if you follow it?

fam 1

I have had a lot of negative self talk this week and am trying hard to stop it and be kind to myself. You are what you eat, think and feel. Be kind and be real. That is my saying and I need to think and feel nice things about myself right now. Being symptom free for a whole 18 months was huge for me. I had planned on it lasting forever. Maybe that was silly of me and I set myself up for this failure. No one is perfect, that is what my Mom taught me. I need to remember this is not my fault it was just an accident. I am stronger now than I was 2 years ago and I know I will recover faster than before.  I have the tools now to handle this. I am  warrior strong!

food is mdicine

I always try and find a positive in every negative situation. My positive here is that my Iridologist has suggested that I add butter back to my diet and start juicing. I am not using the juice as a meal replacement but as a multi-vitamin! I always prefer to get my vitamins from real food.

but cof

Bringing back the butter has brought me much joy. Pictured above is me doing the butter dance! I had given butter up because it was causing me some cystic acne. My Iridologsit has decided that the acne was  me detoxing out all the hydrogenated oils that used to be a part of my daily diet.  I am going with that because I love real butter.

food medicine

Food is my medicine! I will conquer this MS thing once again and be stronger than before. Gluten is a seriously toxic to people like me. I am a bit fearful at the moment to eat at any Restaurant that has Gluten. I must control all my food and be more careful in the future. This is no joke! Thankfully I do have one local Restaurant pictured above that also believes food is medicine(read the sign in the background of the picture) and is totally gluten free.

hunter gather

You are what you eat, think and feel. Be kind and be real~Beth

PS~I love you all and thank you for following me on this journey called life!