Autoimmune disease has it’s ups and downs. You might be experiencing flare ups, fatigue, brain fog, muscle spasms, loss of balance, numbness, tingling or even loss of eyesight. You may have seemingly unrelated symptoms that doctor after doctor have been unable to figure out. You know you’re getting sicker and sicker but no one’s been able to help so far. You don’t need to feel alone. Having recovered from MS and lyme disease using real food, Beth understands what you’re going through. With education and Nutritional Therapy, she can help you feel better and take back control of your health. Learn more about how Beth can help you below.

Let’s Work Together!

Work with Beth

Find out how Beth can help you manage your Autoimmune Disease through her 3-month nutrition therapy program.

Pantry and Refrigerator Clean Up

A pantry clean-up can help get you in the right direction with managing your Autoimmune disease.

The Real Food Lifestyle Blog

Butter Pecan Pie- Grain and Egg Free

For Mothers Day this year I asked for my favorite pie and the recipe to share with you. My Husband is a genius Chef who does not like to write down his recipes. Which is just not fair to all of you.. This recipe was inspired by a little treat that Ella my 6 year old...

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Why I hate Gluten!

Hate is a strong word that is not aloud to be used in my house. I am breaking the rules because what gluten does to me is serious. 3 weeks ago I was eating in a Restaurant. I ordered their gluten free sweet potato fries. One bite I took was crispier than the other...

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Homemade Almond Milk

I can not believe I have been dairy free for almost two years and just learned how to make almond milk. It is super easy to do and comes out creamy and delicious. Do you soak your nuts? Well you should. Almonds contain phytic acid that binds to other minerals in you...

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Homemade chocolates two ways for happiness!

Staying healthy over the holidays is my number one priority number two tea parties with sweets! I have become so sensitive to cane sugar since giving it up. The smallest amount gives me a terrible headache and makes me crabby. This year I am even reacting to molasses...

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My Sauce, my sauce, my sauce. Brings all the boys to the yard. And they're like it's better than yours! Wow did I just type that. I did! That song always brings back memories of my awesome Friend. She sings and dances like no other.  You have to try "My Sauce" My...

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Knowing my Food

There has been some questions this week about how organic is your food? Is the beef truly grass-fed?  Are my eggs and meat really from happy pastured chickens? These questions are important to me. When we first started using food as medicine I did not have all...

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