Autoimmune disease has it’s ups and downs. You might be experiencing flare ups, fatigue, brain fog, muscle spasms, loss of balance, numbness, tingling or even loss of eyesight. You may have seemingly unrelated symptoms that doctor after doctor have been unable to figure out. You know you’re getting sicker and sicker but no one’s been able to help so far. You don’t need to feel alone. Having recovered from MS and lyme disease using real food, Beth understands what you’re going through. With education and Nutritional Therapy, she can help you feel better and take back control of your health. Learn more about how Beth can help you below.

Let’s Work Together!

Work with Beth

Find out how Beth can help you manage your Autoimmune Disease through her 3-month nutrition therapy program.

Pantry and Refrigerator Clean Up

A pantry clean-up can help get you in the right direction with managing your Autoimmune disease.

The Real Food Lifestyle Blog

Fast Food Made Real!

We all need a quick meal sometimes. Something that we can make in less than 10 minutes. That is faster than I could drive to the McDonald's and get a Happy Meal. This is my go to meal, Octopus Hot Dogs! I know a hot dog is not the most ideal food you can eat. But I...

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My First Leg of Lamb!

My first Leg of Lamb and I am just going for it no recipe! This could be scary Hubby is the chef around here! It was his birthday and I figured the best gift I could give him was a day off in the kitchen. His favorite dinner is Lamb. It is not my favorite, Ella has no...

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Sign now reads “Will Work for Food”

Sometime's you just have to go for it! This weekend just seemed like my time. I quit my day job to focus on my dreams of buying a farm and producing real food. My day job involved selling food that was not healthy. This is one of my favorite real food quotes. "The...

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We got Turkey!

I was a little worried last week when I realized I had forgotten Thanksgiving! I thought I would never find a Fresh Pastured GMO Free Fed Turkey.  This month has been filled with so much change I have been a bit scattered.  I had saved all of our...

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Real food saved me!!!

           Welcome to my page. I am here because I just can not get enough real food talk in my life. I have to let everyone know that you can feel good too. You are what you eat simple, be real!!! I am still working on figuring out...

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