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We are grown on nutrition, and every cell and function in our body is fueled on nutrition. What we eat matters! I am so excited you are considering Nutritional Therapy. I work to educate, empower and inspire you to make the changes in your life to be the healthiest you! As an NTP I do not diagnosis or treat disease. I help balance your body with specific nutrients so it can function at its highest ability. There is no one perfect diet or supplement for every person. We are all unique and I respect the bio individual needs of each of my clients. Through a detailed interview process and online Nutritional Assessment, I will create a food plan that is just for you with a focus on the foundations. The foundations of Nutritional Therapy are a nutrient dense diet, healthy digestion, the inclusion of essential fatty acids, proper mineral balance, blood sugar regulation and adequate hydration.

Our initial appointment will normally take about 2 hours. I want to know everything about you, your health and your goals. I will then put together a protocol designed just for you. You will receive that protocol via email within 48 hours. For continued support, I offer hour long follow ups or quick 30-minute appointment. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your life goals! I also offer grocery shop tours, refrigerator and pantry clean ups and cooking classes just for you or a plan a cooking party and I will cook for you and all your friends!

If you are ready to say yes to your health, message me below and we will get started.

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